Title The Hero and the Human:  Abuse of Power
Summary of Theme We often read this story as an account of David’s infidelity and God’s forgiveness.  However, the story also shows David’s abuse of power and its consequences on others, which is even more relevant in light of #metoo.  When we only see the story as David’s sin and redemption, we likely miss Bathsheba’s place in the story and her harm from David.  As a result, we may also do the same with contemporary examples of power abuse, emphasizing grace for the perpetrator while neglecting those harmed by the abuse.  God’s love in Christ is “broad, long, high and deep” enough (Eph. 3:18)  to encompass, and our love in Christ’s name must show, grace to the wrongdoer and care and compassion for the (often neglected) wronged.  In this, we grow in knowledge of Christ’s  love (Eph. 3:19).