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“Always With Us” 4-7-19


April 7, 2019                                                       John 12:1-8 “Always With Us” Celebrating the glory of God or practicing social justice?  Sometimes it seems like that’s the choice we’re offered – as if these are mutually exclusive.  In fact, they are mutually inclusive.  Judas misses the point, but Jesus interprets scripture to set the record straight.  Martha, Mary, and […]

“See, Everything Has Become New!” 3-31-19


March 31, 2019                                 2 Corinthians 5:16-21 “See, Everything Has Become New!” Paul is convinced that in and through Christ we have died to an old way of being and have been raised to a new creation.  Everything has been changed!  Paul here is using the same language Revelation uses as it paints a picture of […]

“Being Transformed and Bearing Fruit” 3-24-19


March 24, 2019                   Luke 13:1-9   “Being Transformed and Bearing Fruit”   (Jeff Moore, preaching)   Growing up, it seemed that “repent” meant saying you were sorry.  If only it were that simple.  Here with reminders from local (Galilean and Judean) news, and an agricultural example, Jesus gives us a clear sense about the transformation we […]

“Living Out Our Citizenship” 3-17-19


March 17, 2019                                 Philippians 3:17-4:1 “Living Out Our Citizenship” Paul asks the Philippians, and us, to live a life modeled on an understanding of the cross.  This isn’t just life with the cross as symbol or talisman, but rather a life lived in self-emptying love.  This way of being changes our understandings about everything.  Paul […]

“The Spirit Led Me Here?” 3-10-19


Luke 4:1-13   “The Spirit Led Me Here?”   (Jeff Moore, preaching)   People often call moments of victory, comfort, or assurance “Holy Spirit” moments – moments when we’ve felt the sure presence of God’s power and purpose.  But what if moments of temptation, uncertainty, and confusion are also “Holy Spirit” moments?  Jesus’ temptation in the […]

“Trees Planted By Water” 2-17-19


February 17, 2019                            Psalm 1 “Trees Planted By Water” Psalm 1 offers its readers and hearers a choice between the way of the Lord and the way of the wicked.  It serves as both a warning and an encouragement, offering assurances that when we follow the way of the Lord we will be strengthened and […]

“Leaving and Following” 2-10-19


Luke 5:1-11      “Leaving and Following”  (Jeff Moore, preaching)     Jesus encounters fishermen at their workplace as they’re doing what they know best, and invites them to reconsider.  They listen and respond, and find themselves surprised and amazed.  They leave everything and follow him.  What has Jesus asked us to reconsider?  What would it mean […]

“Church – Love ≠ Church” 2-3-19

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1 Corinthians 13:1-13   “Church – Love ≠ Church”     (Jeff Moore and Keiler Swartz, preaching)   These well-known verses are often heard in the setting of the beginning of a marriage.  They are strong and important thoughts as we consider personal relationships.  But what’s more is that Paul’s discussion of love is directed to a […]

 “The First Sign – Mighty Fine” 1-20-19


John 2:1-11  “The First Sign – Mighty Fine”   John’s gospel tells us that Jesus’ presence is a manifestation of God.  It changes things – our celebrations, our understandings, our expectations.  How might this sign of the wedding wine provide us with a glimpse of his glory?  What witness will we give to Jesus’ presence […]

“Seeking Refuge” 1-6-19


Matthew 2:13-23   “Seeking Refuge”  (Jeff Moore, preaching)   Jesus was born into a dangerous situation.  His story proceeds directly from the gifts of the wise ones to a journey across borders.  Even though his ancestral land was likely his family’s first and best choice for his infancy and early childhood, political threats and violence […]