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Joy: Joy to the World! (10/27/13)


Psalm 65 The Psalmist proclaims that the whole creation rejoices and celebrates God. How do we add our voices to the chorus? What would it mean to live joyfully and thankfully in concert with the hills, the rocks, the trees, the animals, and other people? One important aspect of a life of discipleship is seeing […]

Joy: I’ve Got the Joy, Joy, Joy (Where?) (10/20/13)


Psalm 16/ Psalm 98 The Psalmist proclaims that life lived with God produces a glad heart, a rejoicing soul, and a secure body. Vs. 11 – God shows the path of life: In God’s presence there is fullness of joy. We are ALWAYS in God’s presence! How might we realize, acknowledge, and rejoice in the […]

Joy: The Best Medicine (10/13/13)


Luke 17:11-19 Thinking and living without gratitude robs us of potential joy, and lim-its our ability to thrive. Take these 10 men living with leprosy: All 10 were “cleansed.” I take that to mean that the physical effects of their disease were sufficiently removed such that they were ritually clean. This seems to be why […]