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Love: There, but for Grace…? (9/29/13)


Luke 16:19-31 John Bradford, a 16th century official at St. Paul’s cathedral, is supposed to have said, as he saw, from his own prison cell in the Tower of London, a group of prisoners being led off to their executions: “There, but for the Grace of God, goes John Bradford.” That has now morphed into […]

Love: All Means All (9/22/13)


1 Timothy 2:1-7 Here in chapter 2 of 1 Timothy we are reminded of God’s desire (see vs. 4: Greek translates variously to “wants”, “wishes”, “wills”, “desires”) for all people to be saved. This is expressed clearly in vs. 1 (where, be-cause of God’s desire, Timothy (and we) are admonished to pray for all). Some […]