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Gentleness: A Gentle Revolution (4/20/14 – Easter)


Matthew 28:1-10 The world changes fundamentally at Easter. Death and violence, oppression and domination lose their power and meaning. As Christians, we are called to participate in the “gentle” revolution. We are con-fronted with news of the living Christ. We are asked to follow. We are sent to proclaim. And the proclaiming is in the […]

Gentleness: Out of This World (4/13/14)


John 18:33-38a What sort of Lord do we serve? Will the standard questions and responses work? No. Jesus brings us a reign, an empire, with divine origins and ramifications. If it were of this world, says Jesus, there’d be physical confrontation. But it’s not. How are our lives reoriented when we worship a God and […]

Gentleness: Gentle Power (4/6/14)


Matthew 11:28-30 Jesus invites us to a new understanding, a new way of life, a new way of being. It is gentle, welcoming, AND powerful. The gospel is not another burden to bear. Discipleship is challenging, but can lead us to newness. Once we see and know Jesus’ teachings and the direction of God’s love […]