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Peace: Thanksgiving & Peace (11/24/13)


Philippians 4:6,7 Which is the cart and which is the horse? We have learned that just as much (or more!) as peace brings gratitude, gratitude brings peace. When we are thankful for life, love, one another, and the world, we become people who exude peace. How might our rituals of giving thanks move beyond our […]

Peace: The Blessing That Is Peace (11/17/13)


Numbers 6:22-27 Aaron is given a specific blessing with which to bless the nation. It is a call for God’s presence and care, and it involves words of grace and peace. This blessing portrays God’s fundamental character of compassion and helps us to focus on the kind of life we long for as people of […]

Peace: Aiming for Restoration (11/10/13)


2 Corinthians 13:11-14 Paul calls the Corinthians, and us, to live lives of discipleship – lives of compassion through which we share in relationships of care. What does it mean (as the English Standard Version translates Paul’s words) to “aim for restoration”? Our Disciples tradition arises out of the 18th-19th century “restoration” movement. Can we […]

Peace: Passing the Peace (11/3/13)


Isaiah 1:10-18 The prophets – those who spoke “The Word of the Lord” – often chastened the people of Israel for their personal and systemic failures to care for the most vulnerable in their society. True peace, the prophets remind us, can only come when love and resources are shared so that all people can […]