Church at Tuxedo in the 1900’s

On Christmas Eve, 1894, 15 people meeting in a home at Tuxedo and Bompart near Webster Groves, Missouri laid the spiritual foundation for a new church. That church would change names – from Tuxedo Park Christian Church to Webster Groves Christian Church in 1925 – and it would change locations – moving to its current location in 1954.


Sunday School Assembly in the late 1940's

Sunday School Assembly in the late 1940’s

Over the more than one hundred year history of the church, congregation sizes have fluctuated, and worship styles have varied. But Webster Groves Christian Church always has been guided by its essentials of faith and by a quest for unity of all Christians. Our members are the current keepers of that tradition.




Church at Tuxedo Sanctuary built in 1908

This is but a snapshot of a few moments on a long journey.