Rev. Jody Clegg, preaching

Scripture:  Psalm 51:1-12 (CEB), 2 Samuel 11:26 thru12:13

Title:   “A Song of Confession, Lyrics of Brokenness”


Our readings today give us both a song and the “story behind the song.”  Psalm 51 is David’s well-known psalm of confession written following the events described in our Old Testament reading (his affair with and marriage to Bathsheba and Nathan’s confronting David about his sin).  In this lament psalm, David confesses the gravity of his sin, despairs of his life alienated from God, and pleads not only for forgiveness but for a way forward.    However, this way forward is not only a matter of putting his sin behind him.   He must be given a “clean heart”-  a heart that desires God’s ways again- and his joy restored- which will not be like the old joy with God he knew.  This clean heart and restored joy are formed out of the reality and pain of his brokenness into something only God’s grace can give and sustain.