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Faithfulness: No Love, No Faith (3/30/14)


1 Corinthians 13 ‘Haters’ need not apply. Without love, Paul tells us, faith amounts to nothing. Without love, the future is dismal and unsure. Faithfulness is expressed through love. Notice the kind of love Paul describes: it’s self-less; it gives; it’s joyful. How do we practice this kind of love? How can we encourage and […]

Faithfulness: Seeing, Believing, Doing (3/2/14)


Genesis 15:1-6 As the story of Abraham and Sarah makes clear, belief in relation to God is necessarily much more than mere cognitive assent. Abraham saw, believed, and did. These go together in a life of faith. We are called to trusting, active relationships with God and the world. God makes some pretty extravagant promises. […]

Faithfulness: Saying is Believing?? (3/16/14)


John 3:1-17 Living a new life in Christ is fuller and deeper than just a statement. Nicodemus learned (or at least was trying to learn) that we are called to trust our entire lives to a wholly new way of relating in Christ. Just like being born again, everything is new. We are completely reoriented. […]