Table Talks by Beth Damsgaard-Rodriguez

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Abiding at the Table of Jesus (5/3/15 Stewardship Sunday 4)


John 6:53-59 The sacred meal we share each week calls us to stewardship through the notion of abiding in Jesus. We who partake of the sacred meal abide in Jesus, and Jesus abides in us. We who abide in Jesus experience his intimate indwelling. Beyond that, the indwelling becomes the source of power by which […]

Catalytic Conversions (3/8/15)


Isaiah 43:15-19 and John 4:7-10, 16-29 Just talking with someone can change a life. How was the life of the woman at the well changed?  How did she share this transformation with her community?  God’s power can make genuine conversation into a life-changing experience.  Will you start a conversation that can change someone’s life?