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Self Control: Spoiled Fruit? (5/25/14)


Galatians 5:22-26 We’ve been learning about sharing and bearing forth in our lives the fruit of the spirit for the past nine months. All of these important signs of the Spirit’s work in the world and in our lives are necessary parts of discipleship. Fruit is to be produced, enjoyed, and shared. Saying for instance, […]

Self Control: Who’s In Control?(5/18/14)


Psalm 31:1-5 Self control, in many ways, is about releasing control. What does it mean to commit our spirits to God’s hands? More than just “giving up the ghost,” opening ourselves to the working of God in our lives is a positive affirmation and a powerful decision. God will guide us and will not forsake […]

Self Control: Be Transformed (5/11/14)


Romans 12:1,2 ‘Really change,’ writes Paul, ‘physically and spiritually.’ What will you allow to control you – conforming to the world, or being transformed through God’s will? Sometimes our lives feel so out of control. Sometimes it seems we have no room or power to choose to do the right thing, to follow the right […]

Self Control: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (5/4/14)


2 Samuel 11,12 There’s something about inertia. Things are easier to deal with at early stages. Often one bad decision leads to another, and more and more people are hurt. David’s sight led to desire, which led to violence, which led to death. What lessons do we learn from David’s life and decisions? How can […]