Psalm 118:1-6; 22-29

Thanksgiving is, when you really think about it, an incredible acknowledgement of faith and humility.  If we are truly thankful to God for life, for relationships, for God’s salvation, then we are implicitly (and explicitly!) acknowledging that God AND NOT OURSELVES is the source and power behind these things.  If we believe this, we begin to understand that we trust in and celebrate not our own goodness and achievements, but rather God’s goodness and actions.  Since we proclaim that God creates, redeems and sustains all of humanity, our thanksgiving can never be merely personal or local.  It must always acknowledge that the gifts we receive are not of our own making and not for us alone.  Thanksgiving to God must always take place in the sharing of gifts and resources.  It must always be participation in God’s providence for the world.  When we truly thank God in this way, we are expressing a deep faith that drives away fear.