1 Timothy 2:1-7

Here in chapter 2 of 1 Timothy we are reminded of God’s desire (see vs. 4: Greek translates variously to “wants”, “wishes”, “wills”, “desires”) for all people to be saved. This is expressed clearly in vs. 1 (where, be-cause of God’s desire, Timothy (and we) are admonished to pray for all). Some translations say all “men,” though the Greek here is an-thrópōn-human beings. Vs. 4 states that God wants all people to be saved (or healed or made whole), and vs. 6 says Jesus gave himself for all.

Strange, isn’t it, that it is so clear that the Gospel includes everyone, but that it is often very, very difficult for us to extend our prayers, our love, or even our understandings of God’s love beyond those who are in our “group”?