Dec. 9:

Luke 3:1-6

“Setting Things Straight”  (Jeff Moore, preaching)


Check it out: When Tiberius was the biggest deal of all, when Pilate was in charge down south and Herod had it covered up north; when Phil and Lysy were takin’ care of business, and Annas and Caiaphas were the names to know at the temple … God’s word came to …some guy out in the desert.  When God does things, it seems, God starts at the roots and gets to work.  One wonders whether all those kings and priests would’ve even heard the word or given it heed.  John tells us what’s coming and prepares us to participate.  People came to be baptized and to begin to change their lives.  Salvation didn’t have to trickle down from the mountains or meander through the crooked paths.  It came straight to the people and moved forward from there.  Do we hear the word?  Are we listening for it?  How will we respond?