June 17, 2018

2 Corinthians 5:6-17

“See, Everything Has Become New!”

Somehow things are all upside down.  I don’t know exactly when, how, or even why it happened, but we’ve commodified God’s grace, and we’ve spiritualized our materialism.  Paul and Timothy’s statement here in second Corinthians illustrates this.  To hear them tell it, you’d think Jesus had already been here and done something.  It sounds as if they think Christ’s accomplishment has (for them and us) present-day implications, which is downright strange, considering how many Christians seem to live life as if we have this new creation of God’s reconciliation on lay-away.  We make faith “deposits” hoping for that day when we’ll realize God’s reconciling presence.  Meanwhile, we’ve bought in, literally, to 0% down and 60 months same-as-cash for cars, stereos, and the like, as if God’s grace is less immanent, pertinent, generous, and necessary, than a washing machine.  The way Paul and Timothy have experienced it, though, all things have become new.  Something has happened.  Something is happening.  Will we participate?