Mark 10:17-27

Whether we like it or not, Jesus is on record in the gospels as having made many comments about the relationship between wealth and a life of faith.  Some have tried to shrug off these teachings, saying that Jesus loved everyone the same and that talking about wealth in connection with faith is just a form of “works theology.”  Others have demonized people with wealth, advocating a gospel message in which personal possessions have no place.  What if we were to take Jesus at his word?  What if we were to examine how and why it might be extremely difficult for the rich to enter the reign of God?  AND, what if we acknowledged, as we asked these important questions, that many of us, by virtue of being in the United States middle class, are among the wealthiest people in the world?

Let’s explore some of the difficulties and possibilities connected with access to resources and faith.  After all, though the disciples seemed to see no possible way forward with this topic, Jesus reminded them – and reminds us – that with God, all things are possible.