Genesis 12:1-4a     “God’s Trying To Get To Me…Through You!”  (Jeff Moore, preaching)


“Leave home, everything and everyone you know, and go to a place I’ll show you.”  God sending Abram was about a lot more than just Abram, just as God sending you is about a lot more than just you.  Here in this text we see God’s clear intention for all the families of the earth – every single one – no exclusions, to be blessed.  Abram and Sarai were called to hear, heed, go, and bless.  I believe that we are, too.  Jesus’ ministry and his call and sending of disciples is an extension of this promise.  If we refuse to go, or if we fail to be radically inclusive, we’re missing the point.  Next time you’re feeling blessed, start blessing others!  That, it seems, is the whole point.