The menu is set!  The first weekend for the Nutrition on Weekend program is March 4. We will be feeding breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks on Saturday and Sunday each weekend for 15 families and a total of 62 people.

What can you do to help?

  • Volunteer to pack food (Thursdays)
  • Volunteer to deliver food the Meacham Park Head Start building (Fridays before or around noon)
  • Sponsor a family ($10/week) or make a monthly donation
  • Buy food!  Nonperishables – anytime!  Perishables – a sign up will be sent out at the beginning of each week.  This is how you can sign up to buy FRESH fruits and Veggies each week!  The online sign-up form will also be how to volunteer to either pack or deliver food.


If you have already volunteered to donate time, food, or money, THANK YOU!  If you want to help, but you aren’t sure how – send an email to Julie DeKinder.  I will add your name to online sign form and you can contribute anytime or way you are available.

Questions??  Email or call Julie DeKinder 

The basic Menu items:

Breakfast                      Lunch                                 Snacks

Eggs                               pb/j sandwiches            peanut butter crackers

Cereal                            tuna salad/crackers      gold fish crackers / cheez-its

Oatmeal                        quiche                             pretzels

Toast                              quesadillas                     yogurt

Frozen Pancakes          chicken tacos                cheese sticks

Frozen Waffles             mac/cheese                  packaged fruit

Carnation Drink           canned veggies             raisins

Refried beans               pudding cups

Biscuit pizzas                chewy bars/granola bars

Microwave popcorn