bread-wineWe kick off our annual Estimate of Giving campaign on Sunday, April 12. The theme of the campaign is “From Bread & Wine to Faith & Giving.” It will culminate Sunday, May 3, Transformation Sunday, with a catered all-church meal in Fellowship Hall. There is no charge and you won’t be asked to bring food….just bring yourself and enjoy!

Someone will be calling you in a couple weeks with a special invitation to come that day.  These next four weeks will focus on stewardship, for sure, and will give us a chance to offer our estimate of our giving in the next church year.

Why an emphasis on faith and giving beginning with a story of Jesus and the disciples eating the last supper? What took place at the table in the upper room is at the heart of Christian life, with important implications for stewardship. The giving of the loaf and the cup represent God giving pure, unbounded love to the church and to the world. When we eat the bread and drink the cup, we not only embrace God’s love, we also make a commitment to live in love.

God gives to us. When we give, we represent God’s love to others.  Will our gifts to others through the church represent the depth and breadth of God’s love?

Beginning April 12, for four weeks, our worship services will be centered on the Table. Come each week to learn. Meanwhile, please pray for the church and its ministry throughout this time.