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Greetings!  It is GREAT to be one Region!  It is GREAT to be community together!  The Spirit is moving in this Region, and it is time to step up and BE the Church.  We are in a place where making excuses, complaining, and living as isolated church settings is not going to work anymore.  We are in a place where we need to come together and be the transforming love that we talk about, but aren’t living out yet.  How can we make this happen Church?  It’s definitely not going to happen overnight, but it is going to happen because we are going to come together around mission.  Come to Sedalia, Missouri on Saturday, October 21 and work shoulder to shoulder with other Disciples around the Region.  On that Saturday morning, we are going to gather with other Disciples and with other denominations at the annual Festival of Sharing event.  All ages and abilities can join in the mission work through riding your bike, processing kits (that many of our churches have prepared for decades), and bagging rice/beans.  Come together around missions!  Come together for God!  BE the Church that all of us crave!


For the afternoon, we will break away from the Festival of Sharing event and gather for desserts, planning, and worship at 1:30 pm at First Christian Church Sedalia.  Everyone will be headed home by 3:00 pm.  Mark your calendars!  Save your money!  Invite folks from your church and your local community!  We are now in an era where we need to step up and BE the Church together.  Come to Sedalia and build relationship with other Disciples and with God!  Let’s be ONE Region together!


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Rev. William R. Brown

Mid-America Region Mission and Ministry Chair

Senior Pastor Community Christian Church Camdenton, Missouri