Roundtable Discussion

After all of the hard work and prayerful consideration undertaken by our congregation we determined our “why” or purpose for being: “Following Jesus’ teaching by sacrificially serving the people who are the most marginalized.”

But this is only the beginning. Our next step is to discover our “what,” or more specifically, in what direction do we want to focus our purpose. We hope to make great strides uncovering our “what” at the next Congregational Roundtable which will take place following services on Sunday, Feb. 7.

There is another Congregational Roundtable scheduled for Sunday, April 24 where we will discuss some structural issues regarding the transformational process we have been undergoing for the past two years, specifically regarding our congregational constitution.

This will all culminate in our annual congregational meeting which will take place following services on Sunday, May 22.

These are exciting times in the life of Webster Groves Christian Church and your input is invaluable in determining our future. Please plan on attending.

Mat DeKinder