Matthew 21:1-11  “Demonstrating Change”     (Jeff Moore, preaching)

 What happened on what we now know as Palm Sunday was more than a parade, it was more than a fan event.  Not the biggest celebration Chicago has seen since 1908.  Not a Cardinal Nation celebration.  It was a street demonstration.  A question I often ask myself this time of year, is, “would I have participated?”  The participants in that day’s activities were demonstrating that believed Jesus was a prophet, and that his presence among them was bringing salvific change.  They believed that the way things were needed to be altered, and they cried out for God’s salvation.  How can we demonstrate our belief that Jesus embodies God’s purpose and intent for the world?  Are we prepared for the disruption and uncertainty that might bring?  The very next thing Jesus does is turn the tables over in the temple.  Are we ready to participate in the salvific change for which we are clamoring?   Can we follow Jesus into this Holy Week?  Will we?