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Hot Lips (5/31/15)


Isaiah 6:1-8 In this tale of the prophet’s call we see not only the amazing and holy throne room of God, but the way in which God prepares those whom God calls.  We may, like the prophet Isaiah, believe that we are ill-equipped, even unworthy, to respond to God’s call in our lives, but God […]

Sharing the Gift of the Spirit (5/24/15 Pentecost)


Acts 2:37-47  Peter told everyone – everyone (!) – the story of Jesus.  Through the power of the Holy Spirit even people who didn’t speak his language heard the story in their own languages.  We are called to receive the story AND to tell the story!  The story is one of promise.  The promise is […]

Believing, Protected, United, and Sent (5/17/15)


John 17:6-19  Jesus prays for the disciples and for us, and says that we are connected to God’s love, provision, and protection through him.  Jesus prays that our oneness will be like his oneness with God.  Imagine that – we are to be that close – that united!  We are sent into the world in […]

Learning and Living Love (5/10/15)


John 15:9-17 Jesus tells his disciples how he and the Father are connected in a relationship of love, and how that relationship of love has included the disciples themselves.  But he doesn’t stop there.  They are to love one another and show that love to the world.  Jesus told the disciples (and us!) in chapter […]

Abiding at the Table of Jesus (5/3/15 Stewardship Sunday 4)


John 6:53-59 The sacred meal we share each week calls us to stewardship through the notion of abiding in Jesus. We who partake of the sacred meal abide in Jesus, and Jesus abides in us. We who abide in Jesus experience his intimate indwelling. Beyond that, the indwelling becomes the source of power by which […]

The Table of Provision for All (4/26/15 Stewardship Sunday 3)


Acts 2:42-47 This text brings together two of the most distinctive characteristics of the story of the early church as told by Luke. They engaged in “the breaking of the bread” and “they had all things in common” (Acts 2:42, 44, 46). Those who broke bread with Jesus at the sacred table lived together in […]