CONASPEH is the National Spiritual Council of Haitian Churches. CONASPEH, made up of 6,000 churches, is an umbrella organization for Protestant churches and associations throughout the country. Established in 1986, it seeks to be, not only an advocate for its member churches, but also a preacher of the gospel to all peoples everywhere, particularly those in the remote areas of Haiti, and particularly those in critical need.

In recent years, CONASPEH has faced a variety of hardships. First the devastation created by the earthquake in 2010 and, more recently on March 21, 2013, the kidnap-ping and murder of the twelve year old son of leaders of CONASPEH (Bishop Patrick Villier, President, and Reverend Francoise Villier, Executive Director).

What Can I Do?
1. PRAY for the Haitian people and the rebuilding of their nation in light of the devastating earthquake that took place on January 12, 2010. Pray for Patrick & Francoise Villier as they lead CONASPEH and grieve the loss of their son.
2. DONATE: Cash or Check: Make checks payable to WGCC and write “CONASPEH” in the memo line.