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“Revealing Christ to the World” (4-15-18)


1 John 3:1-7                        “Revealing Christ to the World” “When he is revealed, we will be like him, for we will see him as he is.”  John looks forward to a future in which Christ is fully manifest to the community to which he writes.  I suppose it was in part because he was pretty sure […]

“Receive the Holy Spirit” (4-8-18)


John 20:19-31      “Receive the Holy Spirit”  (Jeff Moore, preaching)   On my best health days, it seems, I think about food as fuel.  Something my body needs to do the things I must do – the growing, working, resting, relating – all the stuff of life.  On my worst health days, it seems, food is […]

“Close Encounters”


John 20:1-18                       “Close Encounters” Nobody expected it.  Even though they’d been told.  The whole story up to this moment seems odd.  And then there’s the encounter.  Had it happened today, April 1, we’d probably figure it for an April Fools Day joke.  Crucified people stay dead.  They just do.  For some reason I’m thinking about […]

“No Other Gods”


Exodus 20:1-17                  “No Other Gods” If you can’t remember all of the ten commandments, and you get your coveting and false witnessing mixed up, have I got a short cut for you!  The first verses of these commandments really tell us all we need to know to order our lives together.  No wonder Jesus was […]

“It’s Time to Transform Our Hearts and Minds.”


Mark 1:9-15        “It’s Time to Transform Our Hearts and Minds.” Last week I suggested that one way to understand the initial proclamation Jesus makes in Mark is through the word, “finally.”  It’s as true today as it was then.  God’s reign is at hand.  We are called to be transformed.  What will it mean to […]

“Listen to Him!”


Mark 9:2-9     “Listen to Him!”   (Jeff Moore, preaching) This is Transfiguration Sunday, so named because it is when we read gospel accounts of Jesus being transfigured on the mountain.  In addition to what they saw, Mark tells us that Peter, James, and John also heard a voice from the cloud saying, “This is my Son, […]