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“Learning the Rules of Speech” 9-16-18


Rev. Jody Clegg, preaching    Scripture(s)                                                                Title James 3:1-12, Isaiah 50:4-9a “Learning the Rules of Speech”

“A Song of Praise, Lyrics of Earth” 8-19-18


8/19 Psalm 34:1-14 (CEB), John 6:51-58 A Song of Praise, Lyrics of Earth Rev. Jody Clegg, preaching. The Psalmist in Psalm 34 expresses not only a song of thanksgiving for God’s goodness but also an expression of his experience of God’s goodness in the things of earth and with the Psalmist’s senses:  “Taste and see […]

“The Road Not Taken” 8-12-18


John T. Burney, preaching Scripture:  I Kings 19: 1-8 Title:   “The Road Not Taken.” How does God call to us, to what does God call us, does God actually direct us, and if so, what is the degree to which we are directed? Can we ever finally know whether we are doing the exact things […]

 “A Song of Confession, Lyrics of Brokenness” (8-5-18)


Rev. Jody Clegg, preaching Scripture:  Psalm 51:1-12 (CEB), 2 Samuel 11:26 thru12:13 Title:   “A Song of Confession, Lyrics of Brokenness”   Our readings today give us both a song and the “story behind the song.”  Psalm 51 is David’s well-known psalm of confession written following the events described in our Old Testament reading (his affair […]

“The Hero and The Human: Abuse of Power”


Title The Hero and the Human:  Abuse of Power Summary of Theme We often read this story as an account of David’s infidelity and God’s forgiveness.  However, the story also shows David’s abuse of power and its consequences on others, which is even more relevant in light of #metoo.  When we only see the story […]

“The Hero and the Human: Power and Ambition” 7-22-18


Rev. Jody Clegg, preaching Scripture:  2 Samuel 7:1-14, Ephesians 2:17-22 Title:   “The Hero and the Human:  Power and Ambition”   The reading from 2 Samuel 7 presents a tension between David’s ambition and God’s vision foe David’s reign and Israel’s role.  Even if David has the most sincere motives for wanting to build a place […]